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12th-May-2015 04:39 pm - looking for a fic


i don't actually know if i can do a post with this request, I yesterday I got a bit nostalgic and read over some of my favorites H/Vr, but there is one story that I remember reading but I don't remember the name or where to find it.

It's an old story, written before DH (I think that was before HBP as well, but I can't be sure) remember that Hermione and Viktor get together a long time after the war. Viktor wife is dead (some desease I think), they've been friends but at the time of the story they start to become something more. there's this dialog before they have sex in which he says something like "the good side is that i have been with the same women for 10/15 years, and the bad side is that I have been with the same women for 10/15 years". It was a lovely story and I'd be eternally greatfull if someone could help me.

Thank you so much!

5th-Sep-2014 07:43 pm - Fic: Skeeter Bites
I bring two items of fic.  First, I've uploaded all my POV stories to Archive of our Own here. I'll also eventually be posting more stories from that series to AO3 since I found the thumbdrive that contained them.

Second, after looking at all this old fic, I also wrote a new story:

Title: Skeeter Bites
Characters/Pairing: Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum
Rating: G
Wordcount:  1848
Warnings: Referenced character death
Summary: In the aftermath of a mutual tragedy, Hermione and Viktor get to know each other again.  Rita Skeeter, of course, has her own perspective on the situation.

Posted on LJ and on AO3.
Viktor/Hermione: Hopelessly Devoted
Title: An Unexpected Visitor
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Viktor
Rating: Any Age
Summary: Hermione receives an unexpected visitor
Word Count: 2510
Beta: None so please excuse an errors.
indiana_j’s prompt: Unexpected. I hope you enjoy it!

(An Unexpected Visitor)
30th-Apr-2012 12:57 pm - Books Fall Open
Hi, this is my first time posting here and I'm gonna cut straight to the chase: been looking for this fic, books fall open. It's no longer on ff.net and the story here stops after several chapters. :( I really want to re-read it because it was pretty damn well-written... can anybody point me in the right direction to a working link or send me the story? It was so goooooood. :(

Actually, all of author376's stories were good, I'm wondering why all of a sudden all of them were taken down...
Hermione older
Title: At the Start of Whatever
Author: swissmarg 
Recipient: luciannamalfoy
Pairing(s): Hermione/Viktor, with mentions of Harry/Ginny, Bill/Fleur, and past Hermione/Ron
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7,400
Warnings: None
Summary:  Viktor Krum has just moved into the most expensive block of Muggle real estate in London, and Hermione Granger wants to find out why.
Author's Notes: This was written for hp_spring_fling 2011. You can also find it posted over there. The title is from The Flood by Take That. The requester's prompts were: Happy ends, new love, not yet established relationships, fluff, humor, bantering, well written smut, One Hyde Park, a diamond tiara, and the lyrics from The Flood by Take That. I didn't get any smut in, and I took a bit of liberty with the diamond tiara. ;) Beta reader: En En Chan from PI.

( Read the fic on my journal... )
5th-Jun-2011 03:59 pm - New to community
I am rather new to fandom but I have been writing or a while.  Just haven't started writing for this ship yet.  Krum/Hermione have been my favorite Rowling pairing since before the Yule Ball, the moment Hermione started complaining about him in the books I couldn't help but get giggly at the though of him liking her.  I always wanted them to end up together (Even though I dont hate Ron) .

Anyway my question is... is this community still active.  I have been enjoying reading the old stories but I don't see any new posts since Dec.  I plan on doing my own fic soon and would want to post it.
13th-Dec-2010 06:43 pm - Why I Liked Krum
 Hello. First time posting on here. 

Title: Why I Liked Krum
Author: heliopath_army
Rating:  PG
Characters: Hermione Weasley, Viktor Krum,
Disclaimer: Nope. Harry Potter is (unfortunately) not mine. And I'm (unfortunately) not making any money.
Wordcount: 1013
Genre: Fluffy, Romance

Summary: In which Hermione gives an explanation of why she liked her whirlwind romance with Victor Krum. Informal Essay/Diary entry

I guess I never really loved him, but who, at 15, does?Collapse )

I do not own Harry Potter. I really wish I did though….

Hermione sat in the library at headquarters, sobbing uncontrollably. Today couldn't get any worse. She found her parents house in Australia or what was left of it any way… The door creaked slowly open.

"Hermione are you ok luff?" Viktor asked as he spotted Hermione sitting in a shadowed corner.

"They are gone Viktor. All that was left of their house was ruble. I should have left their memories be. Sending them away did not keep them safe. The death eaters still found them." Hermione said starting to cry harder.

Viktor walked over to were Hermione was sitting and scooped her up into his arms then sat in her seat. "Luff you did the only thing you could do to protect your parents."

"But it wasn't good enough. I failed, they are dead and I didn't even get to tell them how much I loved them. And never will." Moine stated brokenly.

Viktor just hugged her tighter. Not knowing what to say, he didn't even know what it felt like to go through what she was. Both of his parents had survived the finale battle. All he could really do is be there for her.

"Come on my heart. Let's go to kitchen so I can make you a sandwich. You really need to eat.' Viktor said waiting for her to stand. Hermione slowly stood up, Viktor soon followed suit. Hermione grabbed Viktor's hand like it was the last thing on earth.

On the way to the kitchen they past the sitting room were the Weasley's were all crying and trying to comfort each other over the loss of Fred.

In the kitchen Viktor made the both of them a sandwich. He watched as Hermione picked at it only eating less then half.

After taking a sip of milk Hermione started talking, "I really need to get away from London for awhile. There is to many memories here for me, well that's all that there is here for me now."

Viktor looked at her for a minute before asking "were are you planning on going?"

"well I was wondering when you and your parents go back to Bulgaria if I could go with you?" Hermione looked up at him with so much hope in her eyes that Viktor just stared and forgot to answer. "I understand if you don't want me to go with you, I am sorry for putting you on the spot." Hermione said her voice quivering and her eyes welling up with tears.

As Hermione got up to leave Viktor grabbed her arm.

"I would love for you to come and so would my parents." Viktor said giving her a huge smile.

A couple hours later…

Hermione asked to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry, Ron and Ginny.

"Next week when Viktor and his parents go back to Bulgaria, I plan on leaving with them I really need to leave London for awhile to much stuff has gone down. I just need to take care of me for a minute." Hermione said.

They smiled a little at her and said the understood how she felt. And that when was gone she better owl often. She hugged and thanked them and headed off to bed…..

Only to awaken later screaming and Viktor rushing in to her room to see if she was ok..

"Viktor it was awful I could see all the dead bodies." Hermione told Viktor after he asked what happened. "Could you sleep with me tonight, I don't want to be alone."

"Of course." Viktor said as he climbed on to bed next to her and pulled the blankets up over both of them….


So this is my first fanfic I hope u liked it….. be kind when letting me know what you thanks….

Luv Ratfink

11th-Nov-2010 12:25 pm - Popping the Question
stock - darth kittius
Title: Popping the Question
Characters/pairing: Viktor/Hermione
Rating: G
Summary: Viktor just needs to get the Yule Ball out of his mind.
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. They are the property of J. K. Rowling.

(Popping the Question)
14th-Sep-2010 08:34 pm - Wizarding World of Harry Potter
On Saturday the 11th I finally visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Islands of Adventure (not only do I live in Orlando, FL but I also work for Universal Studios). I've got some pictures and even a video of the Drumstrang boys performing in the Triwizard Spirit Rally (yea...).

If anyone is interested I'd love to share this with everyone I just don't have everyone else's talent in making icons or well, being creative in general.

Oh! And one of the t-shirts available is the long sleeve Durmstrang shirt Viktor wears right before the dragon challenge!!
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